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The seventies... where the girls broke up and got back together with their men, and they had spurts of hits, both together and solo. It's also the most infamous decade for scandal! The line-up for the decade stayed constant: Rory on lead guitar, Meg on rhythm, Sandy on bass, and Annie on drums. Jamie spent the decade playing guitar in a little band called Wings.

The Most Notorious Scandal of Them Alló Annie's DUI! (Christmas Day, 1974)

Not something she's proud about, but nevertheless something she admits helped turn her life around. She also admits it was the worst Christmas of her life, ever. She said it was all right to cover it here on the website if for no other reason than to help set the record straight.

bulletNewswire Initial Report of the Arrest
bulletPress Conference December 27, 1974 transcript (coming soon)

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