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from 16 magazine, January 1967
Where were you born?
London, England on 26 August 1946.

What does your family consist of?
My parents, Derek and Susannah, and a sister, Rory. (Did you hear she's going to be on Batman?)

Where do you live?
With my husband George Harrison in a bungalow in Esher.

If you suddenly came into a million dollar inheritance, what would you do with it?
My goodness, I don't think I'd do anything with it, other than invest in real estate or give some of it to charity.

What type of boys are you most attracted to?
Quiet ones, with dark eyes and quirky smilesó like George.

Ideally, where would you like to live?
I'm happy where I am, thank you.

What was the most difficult problem you ever have had to solve?
All problems are serious at the time they're a problem.

Do you have a pet fear?
Crowds. You would be, too, if you spent a great deal of time touring with the Beatles.

Have you any pets?
Corky (a cat). Also, Samantha (a cat) and Tinkerbell (a budgie), who live with my parents.

What advice do you give young people who wish to become musicians?
Make sure it's something you really want to do.

What do you think of music as a career?
It has been very good for me, and has provided me with a wonderful husband.

Who are your best friends?
George, of course, and Sandy Ludlow.

What are your most prized material possessions?
My flute.

What kind of gifts do you like to receive?
Ones that show a great deal of thought.

Are you ever moody?
Everyone is, once in awhile. I try not to let it interfere with my work.

Who are your favorite musicians?
The Beatles, Rory Kent, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Dionne Warwicke, Everly Brothers.

What kind of people do you dislike?
Loud people, or boys who come on too strong.

What should a boy do to attract you?
Be himself.

What sports do you enjoy watching?

What sports do you personally do?
Swim, when I have a chance. (We have a heated pool, it helps!)

What sports do you dislike?
Rugby and cricket.

What are your hobbies?
Listening to classical music, playing my flute, learning how to be a good wife.

What are your favorite foods?
fish and chips, chocolate.

What is your secret ambition?
To raise a family.

What is your pet extravagance?
Expensive chocolates.

Do you have any big regrets?
My sister growing away from me.

What clothes do you like a boy to wear?
Suits. (Like George, but you knew that.)

What are your favorite colors? Clothes?
I like all pastels, especially pink, light green, blue, and cream.  I love dressing up in velvets and lace.

Do you have a nickname?
"Annie" is short for "Annalynn," so I guess you could say I do.

What is the best address to write you?
c/o Capitol Records, 333 Vine Street, Los Angeles, California.

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