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Late Again....

But your webmistress has an excuse... weddings, honeymoons, etc....

Comments as always by Caroline McCartney, webmistress

November 5

Happy Birthday, Meg Blessing!

Hope you had a great day, Auntie Meg! You deserved it, after all you've been through this year!

December 9

Happy Birthday, Madeline McCallum

My youngest cous has been spending a great deal of time over here in England. Hope that means something good for her and Cousin Dhani!


December 30

Happy Birthday, Sandy Ludlow

Auntie Sandy will be spending her birthday performing in her latest Musical-For-Charity. Have a great day!

The Girls' birthdays are as follows:

February 24: Rory
March 8: Jamie
August 26: Annie
November 5: Meg
December 30: Sandy

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