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from 16 magazine, October 1966.

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I hate airplane food— it's too much like plastic.
I hate people who say we started a band just to meet the Beatles— it isn't true!
I hate getting up before noon.
I hate being considered only Beatles protoges and not being taken on our own merits.
I hate guys with one-track minds.
I hate hotel rooms— I've seen too many this year.
I hate having to compromise.
I hate dirty, scruffy-looking guys.
I hate having to wait around until after the Beatles have gotten off stage before we can go back to the hotel.

I love hearing our songs finalized on tape— I never can quite believe it's us.
I love meeting fans, especially on tour.
I love spy novels and films. They're such great escapes.
I love all kinds of pop music.
I love my family— I just wish I could show it better.
I love the flat I share with Meg— it's cozy, trendy, and near nightlife.
I love guys who realize I have a mind and ask me questions to prove it.
I love having a good dinner in a fancy restaurant— makes me feel special myself!
I love drawing and painting.
I love telling our fans all about us.


I hate fighting with people, or witnessing two others argue.
I hate having to wear a lot of make-up for television appearances.
I hate having to answer reporters' questions for hours on end.
I hate poeple asking about my love life. Really, it's not that interesting!
I hate pushy people.
I hate being cooped up for weeks on end in hotel rooms.
I hate to be picked out in a crowd. My being recognized always seems to distract from the real entertainment.
I hate cold weather, especially with snow. I guess I'm more of a summer person.
I hate eating hotel food. Mostly because I know I could do better.
I hate coming up with lists of things I hate.

I love California and California music— and I haven't even been there yet!
I love cooking breakfast for other people.
I love trying new kinds of cuisine.
I love musicals, both on stage and on film.
I love playing with Paul's sheepdog, Martha.
I love my diamond and sapphire necklace, and my pearl and diamond ring. Both have sentimental value.
I love my family and my friends.
I love touring (except the hotel part).
I love clipping articles about people I know out of newspapers and magazines. I keep them in scrapbooks.
I love doing surprise things for my friends, especially for birthdays. The thanks I get makes it all worthwhile.


I hate long plane flights— I always get planesick.
I hate being separated for more than a day from my husband.
I hate feeling tired after arriving in a new city— it prevents me from going sightseeing.
I hate it when people claim the Honeybears are famous just because of who I married.
I hate large crowds. I always get too shy.
I hate being compared to my sister all the time just because we're both musicians.
I hate it when people try to boss me around.
I hate people making a fuss over us. It gets a little embarrassing.
I hate girls who dress like boys— it's so unattractive.
I hate people with large egos.

I love my husband George, my sister Rory, and my parents.
I love romantic touches to clothes, to dinner, to anything.
I love hearing our fans cheer and clap for us.
I love being able to do something I enjoy for a living.
I love spending a quiet evening at home— I get so few these days.
I love classical music, and playing it on my flute or my piano whenever possible.
I love all the attention we get when getting made up for a photo session— makes me feel like royalty!
I love animals!
I love to listen to George sing.
I love satin shirts and lacy dresses.


I hate people who think we're a novelty act because we play our own instruments and write our own songs.
I hate phony people— especially those who think they're intellectual when they're not.
I hate having to kill large periods of time without being able to do anything constructive.
I hate that we're always compared to the Beatles.
I hate not being able to spend more time in the theatre— especially when my mum's in a new production.
I hate English people imitating American accents. Most of them can't do it properly.
I hate it when most of the questions at a press conference revolve around our love lives.
I hate hypocrites.
I hate people who use me to get to other people.
I hate not having enough time to answer all my fan mail.

I love the theatre and all its traditions.
I love folk music.
I love my family and my friends.
I love having enough money to do what I want within reason.
I love dressing down— to be able to go some place in jeans and a jumper and be perfectly dressed.
I love being able to make so many people happy through my music.
I love long-winded discussions on current events.
I love being able to encourage kids just starting out in the business.
I love swimming.
I love life. Honestly!

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