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All art, multimedia files, and text unless otherwise indicated are actually copyright 2002 Jan Fennick and Jennifer Adams Kelley.

We created the concept of The Honeybears back in 1978, as a way to Mary-Sue us into the lives of the 1960's Beatles without making it blatantly Mary Sue. We have been writing the story ever since.

In late 2001, we decided to go ahead and start revising the earliest chapters, mostly because the earliest chapters were written back in high school, where we had no clue as to how to write or how to research what we were writing. We also wanted to actually write the moments we just mentioned in passing, as well as come up with better reasonings as to why things happened as they did.

Please note that the appearance of any famous people on this site, whether in photo or art or story, does not mean that said people are even aware of this site, let alone approve of what we're doing with them. (Some of them are dead, so the same thing goes for their estates.) We're using them as characters in an alternate universe; anything anyone famous says or does here does not indicate that they would actually say or do that in real life. 

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