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from 16 magazine, January 1967
Where were you born?
In a hospital. Manchester, England, 30 December 1945, actually.

What does your family consist of?
Mum: Dorothy. Dad: Graeme. Brother: Michael. Sister: Jamie.

Where do you live?
In London, around the corner from our manager.

If you suddenly came into a million dollar inheritance, what would you do with it?
Invest most of it, travel.

What type of boys are you most attracted to?
I like them to be gentle, charming, and considerate, with a smile that lights up their entire face.

Ideally, where would you like to live?
Los Angeles. Why? Good weather throughout the year.

What was the most difficult problem you ever have had to solve?
Who to go steady with.

Do you have a pet fear?

Have you any pets?
None that are mine specifically.

What advice do you give young people who wish to become musicians?
Oh, I don't think I'm qualified to give advice yet!

What do you think of music as a career?
It's an incredible experience. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Who are your best friends?
Paul McCartney, Annie Kent.

What are your most prized material possessions?
A diamond and sapphire pendant, and a diamond and pearl ring. They have great sentimental value.

What kind of gifts do you like to receive?
Jewellery and clothes, mostly.

Are you ever moody?
I am generally happy and even-tempered.

Who are your favorite musicians?
The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean.

What kind of people do you dislike?
People who constantly complain, or who never have a kind word for anybody.

What should a boy do to attract you?
Be full of surprises.

What sports do you enjoy watching?
Cricket and horseracing.

What sports do you personally do?
None, unfortunately. No time!

What sports do you dislike?
Football (you call it soccer here)— mostly because I was once knocked unconscious by a stray ball.

What are your hobbies?
Cooking, collecting press articles about people I know, dancing.

What are your favorite foods?
Seafood, especially crab and lobster.

What is your secret ambition?
I don't think I have one.

What is your pet extravagance?

Do you have any big regrets?

What clothes do you like a boy to wear?
Stylish, I guess. Things that fit his personality.

What are your favorite colors? Clothes?
I like pink and blue, basically. As to what to wear, I like casual items— things one can pull on without incredible amounts of time.

Do you have a nickname?
Sandra, Sands.

What is the best address to write you?
c/o Capitol Records, 333 Vine Street, Los Angeles, California.

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